Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Coach Friday (formerly of the Baltimore Ravens now of www.getinproshape.com) was kind enough to post a review on my Dragondoor Instructor page. Check it out here... http://www.dragondoor.com/instructor/714

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MidnightBlues24 said...

Hey, noticed that you're one of the few MD people I can find on the Internet who knows anything about strongman training. I was curious as to whether you knew any groups that trained in the area... I live in Columbia, but it could be worth a trek somewhere to see if this is right for me, because I think I'm too weak for the competition I'm thinking about entering (http://www.nastrongmaninc.com/upcoming/upcoming_item.asp?UpcomingID=353) - I maxed out on cleans today at 180lbs, but this competition is in four months and has a 250 lb axle clean event. My technique could use some work, but it's not -that- bad... Anyway, anything you could tell me would be awesome.

Thanks, James (james.webber8@gmail.com)