Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Card Tearing

Does anybody tear cards like this? It seems this technique only works with quartering...


Franz Snideman said...

Very nice Dan! I have never tried to tear cards...looks brutal!

How are things going? How is business?

Dan Cenidoza said...


All is great here! I hope things are good on your end as well!

Card tearing is brutal, fun, impressive and a lot of other things too but it's also a great grip workout. Wrists, hands, fingers; they all get some work. You should try it! Start with a half deck of dollar store brand cards, move to 3/4, a full deck and then try some casino cards. Play around with the different techniques and just have fun with it.

Adam said...


check out this


That grip your taking is kind of weird. I use the same grip Dennis Rogers uses, and with it you can tear cards down to very small pieces once you get the strength.

Dan Cenidoza said...

Kinda weird? Gee, thanks dude :)

I've been using the overhand grip (ala Dennis) too for the majority of my tearing, I was just playing around with some different hand positions. When my thumbs have had it, this is a good grip to take work the index fingers a little more.