Thursday, July 15, 2010

Overhead, off the ground and carried

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to do a quick post about this last training week.

Saturday I did a strongman show at York Barbell for the Kettlebells for Warriors event (a great event put on by Mike Krivka ) and came home with bunch of cool new training tools!

150lb pressing stone, two 50lb chains and two 25lb chains. I got a few more things that I'll save for another time. Lets talk about rocks and chains!

After the show, and before we went out for my birthday dinner at Fogo de Chao, I had to hit a quick workout. NO WAY am I going to miss the opportunity to precede a red meat buffet with a good workout!

It took me three attempts to press the rock but in about 10 minutes I did 3 sets of 3 and went in for a single set of deadlifts at 245 x 20. Cleaned up and had a huge feast with good friends!

On Tuesday I was dying to do something with the chains. Once again, I was a little pressed for time so I simply slung the 50lb chains (100lbs) over my shoulders and went for a walk. I walked to the closest hill I knew of and walked up, down and around a graveyard. I'd estimate about a mile in 15 minutes. I felt pretty good the rest of the day.

Today I had a little more time and did a workout I've done many times before.

Overhead press
Pull up
Farmers Walk finisher

I used a ladder format for the presses & pulls.

2, 3, 5 reps each set and matching every press with a pull up.

2 reps press, 2 pull ups, 3 reps press, 3 pull ups, 5 reps press, 5 pull ups. Repeat 5 times.
Beast farmers walk (106 per hand) for 1/4 mile in 7:45.

Great workout! Picked some berries out of the garden and made a protein shake.

It just goes to show you that you don't need a lot of time or anything too complicated to get some good training in. I pressed and pulled twice this week, and I did two carries.

I hope your training is going well and that you are enjoying the summer!