Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Muscle Control with Hinbern

I just received these books/courses on Muscle Control in the mail from Bill Hinbern...

If you look around the site a bit, you will see that Bill is a publisher of old, out-of-print books.

There is a wealth of information written in Iron Game history! We are lucky to live in a time where classic publications such as these are as available as the latest research in exercise science.

Personally, even though my degree is in exercise science, I have found much more practical information in books that were written before any science of exercise took place.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Muscle Control with Strongerman

If you got a chance to listen in to Bud Jeffries interview with Pavel on strongerman.com this week you heard some interesting conversation based on a question I posed to Pavel about muscle control. If you are unfamiliar with muscle control, here's a clip of some very advanced abdominal control...

This is something I've been working on lately. In part out of interest, and in part out of necessity. In the last few weeks, I've been short on both time and energy to put into training. Muscle control and isometric exercise has been a convenient way for me to stay active. Shoveling snow (which we have about 36" of right now) keeps me active too, but I wouldn't say that it's convenient.

Anyway, I am being featured on the Strongerman teleseminar next week and I'd like to talk more about muscle control. Logan Christopher, the man behind the scenes at strongerman.com, has some experience with muscle control too and I'm looking forward to continuing the discussion. For details on the tele-seminar (it will be Tuesday Feb 16 @ 8pm EST) go to http://www.strongerman.com/dancenidoza/ and to check out Logan and some of his feats go to http://www.legendarystrength.com/