Thursday, February 5, 2009


I did this after a quick grip workout that consisted of pinch bar curls (regular and reverse), beer mug curls with a kettlebell, wrist curls and wrist extension with the Formulator. I immediately went into bending the 60D nails with various grips (overhand, underhand, reverse & slim style). Before my hands recovered I attempted the horseshoe and got stuck with it... just couldn't take it any further. And from there I went back and forth between tearing. I managed my first behind the back card tear, my first notched phonebook (might have done that once before) and that was only the second time I've torn cards vertically. The spike gave me a hard time. My biggest problem with braced bending is not so much the strength but the pain tolerance required to bend things over your leg.

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Adam said...


thats a fine collection of destroyed objects