Friday, January 23, 2009

Fox 45 Morning News

On Tuesday I will be appearing on "Get Fit with Fox 45 News" to do a kettlebell segment. The production coordinator called this morning to set up the appointment. Nothing like being on live television! Looking forward to it. I'll post more next week.


The Morning Show went very well today! I've received a lot of positive feedback. Unfortunately, the segment was only a couple minutes long but I made some great contacts at the news station with the strongman show I put on in the lobby after my bit. I thought the producer might like to see me perform a few feats... you never know were that kind of stuff will take you. In this case, it lead me to some in depth conversation about grip strength, a few new friends at Fox 45 Baltimore, a gripper sale and hopefully another spot on their show!

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Franz Snideman said...

Shoulde be awesome! Good luck!