Tuesday, January 20, 2009


5 months after the CK-FMS workshop and I have finally finished my certification requirements.



All that was required was completion of an online test (for FMS) and a video submission of a movement screen along with discussion of results and corrective strategies (for RKC). Neither of these took more than an hour but learning the material in order to pass the tests is what took time.

I was recently asked "why someone would wait" or put off getting certified but for me it wasn't "putting off" it was "practicing".

The movement screen could be described as a physical therapy test adapted to trainers and coaches. In other words, a physical therapist designed the test. PT's know their stuff. I think a lot of therapists (and sports medicine professionals in general) don't pay much mind to us "lowly" trainers, but I give them the credit they deserve.

The functional movement screen and the step-by-step corrective strategy protocol is a brilliantly designed system! This is not the kind of thing where you attend a weekend workshop and you are certified. (I've never cared much for certifications anyway, I am much more concerned with proficiency rather than a piece of paper that says you are proficient.)

In any case, now I am official. A big thank you goes out to all of my test subjects! Your cooporation was much appreciated!


Franz Snideman said...

Congratulations on getting the certification officially! I need to do my test and send in my DVD to Brett!

You rule!

Dan Cenidoza said...


Brett will accept you loading the video to your website and forwarding him a link. Seems easier than messing with a DVD, post office, etc.

Franz Snideman said...

Cool. Thanks for info. Will do!