Saturday, August 30, 2008

Training Updates

Training of late has been very much strength-endurance focused. With the exception of grip work, I've cut out almost all heavy low-rep lifting for the time being. I'm even deadlifting in the double digit rep range and cutting rest periods drastically.

The majority of my lifts have been with kettlebells though. I've set several PR's over the last couple weeks which included swinging the 24kg for 200 reps with one hand switch, snatching the same for 150 reps and I also hit 75 reps in the LCCJ with a pair of 16's. Though I believe I'm just scratching the surface of my kettlebell potental, my endurance has never been better.

Case in point...

It's been at least year since I've done any jogging. I've got a neighborhood route that I used to run semi-regularly that is about 1.5 miles with a pretty good hill about midway through. I decided last Saturday that I would head out and pound the pavement again for a change of pace in my workouts. Though I didn't time it, I was pleasantly surprised that I ran my route stronger than EVER!

Usually after a long hiatus in any kind of training you don't expect to set personal records your first time back but I can say with all certainty that I've never tackled that mid-point hill with such authority. I even had enough steam to sprint the final straitaway, which I usually try to do anyway but I distinctly remember feeling heavy and slow during my last attempt at that sprint.

Being a couple pounds lighter may have contributed some (I'm down 10lbs in about 4 weeks) but still, it's been over a year since I've done any running! I have to contribute my new found endurance to all the GS (kettlebell sport) training I've been doing lately. Relaxed, time focused sets has profound carry over to long distance running (and yes, 1.5 miles IS long distance to me!).

In any case, I'm enjoying my new training focus, I'm making great improvements, I feel good and I'm leaner than I've been in a long, long time.

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