Saturday, August 2, 2008

Central PA Strongman Contest

Promoted by Joe Snavely and Todd Marcoullier. When these guys told me they were putting on a strongman show I said I would be there, either to compete or to help out, one way or another.

This was the first time for me being involved in a strongman contest and not competing. (It was a little weird.) Joe and Todd did a hell of a job organizing this show, and this was a first time for them too! Everything went smooth and there was plenty of help. Little for me to do really, so I took pictures... lots and lots of pictures.

Here's 248 of them. Enjoy.

Central PA Strongman

Although I'm not planning to compete in strongman anymore, I still plan to be involved in the local scene. I've made some good friends and met some amazing people; that's what you can expect in strongman and I'd like to help keep that tradition going in anyway possible.

If anyone is looking for a training crew, drop me an email and I'll see if I can put you in touch with someone.

Equipment? I've got some of that too.

Let me know.

-Dan Cenidoza


Joe Snavely said...

Dan Excellent Pictures! Thanks for all of your help!

Joe Snavely
Iron Horse Strength Sports

Anonymous said...

Dan thanks for the pics. Joe and Todd ran a great contest. Hope you had a chance to grab some of that Pasta with sausage with the homemade bread. That was a close 2nd to the whole contest! thanks again


Tim Richards said...

Great post, I learned a lot.

I started training with kettlebells a few years ago, and now I'm totally hooked. Most of the info on 'bells is getting more and more accurate because more people are getting into this style of training. It's taking over the world!

Thanks for writing good articles.