Saturday, August 16, 2008

Combat Core

Smitty from the Diesel Crew has put together the most comprehensive innovative book on core training I've ever seen. We all know the Diesel Crew for their creativity in training. They were releasing videos on functional training before the term "functional training" was cool.

Call it what you will, there are certain aspects of not only sport but daily movement that are not duplicated in conventional training programs. Some of these movements perhaps should not be duplicated as it could either interfere with motor learning patterns related to your sport or because of the simple fact that it is too dangerous. There is no exercise that I would recommend to train for the awkward movement of putting a toddler into a car seat, but what I would suggest is strengthening your core (which includes your back) so you lessen the injury potential of such a movement that you might do 10-12 times a day.

That is what Combat Core is about. It has nothing to do with fighting or warfare, or any of the feelings you might associate with the word "combat" (although combat athletes; fighters, football players, etc. could benefit greatly from it). It has everything to do with strengthening the core to withstand the daily rigors of sport and everyday life. As you well know, you cannot predict the demands that may be imposed on your body, so it is the creativity and diversity of the exercises presented in Combat Core that make this book worth your time. I guarantee you have never seen these exercises before.

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