Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Barefoot running PR is a PR

After a deadlift workout last week I ran my normal route of 1.5 miles of neighborhood hills. My best time is 15 minutes and this time I did it in 14 minutes in the Five Fingers!

The crazy part is I actually walked two small stretches after racing up some hills. It was probably less than 40 yds each time but I never walk this route! I've run this route as many as 6 times in one workout and never once walked it.

A couple days later my brother joined me for a workout and we hit a vertical push/pull and a horizontal push/pull (presses, pull ups, push ups and one arm rows). We did two sets each and went on a run.

Same thing - 14 minutes - however, afterwards we ran a couple 100m races. A couple of the neighborhood kids saw us and joined in. Dave and I tied at 2 and 2. It felt good for 228lbs of 31 year old to keep pace (and even beat) kids younger and lighter.

I'm feeling good about the bad shoes!

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Boris T. said...

Vibrams are awesome! Congrats on the new PR.