Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Training Session

This past weekend I hosted a training session for some good friends and for some of the strongest men alive. Besides Luke and I, everybody was from out of state - Pennsylvania, New York and even one guy from North Carolina. Sometimes you have to go far and wide to find people who share unique and similar interests as you and grip training is no different. There's probably plenty of people around who squeeze grippers and do wrist curls but when your desire for stronger hands takes you to steel bending, card and phonebook tearing, suddenly that circle of friends becomes much smaller.

There's far too much to recount as to what went on this weekend. In addition to the 7 in attendance, there was also 200+ phonebooks, 100's of bits of steel, at least 50 decks of cards, dozens of horseshoes, a bucket full of license plates and more custom made equipment than most of your largest commercial gyms. We bent, tore and otherwise destroyed stuff for nearly 8 hours strait! I have some video and I will be posting random clips over the next week or so.

The cool thing about get togethers like this is the camraderie. The learning and sharing of techniques between experts and people at the top of their game makes a training session like this worth a road trip. I was lucky enough not to have to drive anywhere for this one but I've taken 8 and 16hr round trips just to be a part of special gatherings like the one we had this weekend.

I'd like to thank everyone for coming. Jedd, glad you were finally able to make it down to my place. John E., it was nice meeting you and great to have you. Johnny Steel, always good to see you and the wife. Luke, glad you could make it. Chris, thanks for coming and thanks for the phonebooks. I can't think of a better excuse for you guys being late. (Like I said, if you ever get the chance to bring a guest to the Dungeon, I'll drive :) Mac, thank you again for all the steel. And that horseshoe you bent for me is sick! Really glad you made the trip up from NC.

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Mac said...

You are very welcome my friend. I appreciate you inviting me and all the hospitality. It was great to meet you and everyone else. Everybody just had fun, did the things they do, enjoyed the company and learned from each other...it was really cool. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully next time I won't fall on a burner two weeks prior lol. Horseshoes, phonebooks and burnt fingertips don't go together very well :)