Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vintage Dumbbells

I was lucky enough to come across a set of York Barbell Globe Dumbbells this week. These dumbbells have been out of production since the 1970's, so it is quite rare to find a complete set in such good condition. I have a fairly large collection of training equipment but I have never been one to collect things because of historical value (although I do appreciate that sense of nostalgia and the throwback to the "Old School"). I collect things that I have a use for and I just don't see the purpose in having something like stuffed animals, refrigerator magnets or any other kind of knickknacks sitting around taking up space!

Dumbbells and other pieces of training equipment can be put to good use. But I didn't buy these dumbbells to add to my collection.

I've been kicking around the idea of adding a "Collectors" page to my website... a buy/sell/trade sorta thing. I'm thinking this would be a great way to release the page.


Doug Nepodal Sr. RKC said...


Those are in great shape! Nice grab.

arvin said...

I use this dumbbell for bicep curls. Very nice and sturdy. , and it still is one of my favorites.
CAP Barbell

Anonymous said...

Dan I have a pair of york 50# globe dumbbells that I have been carying around since my military days 30 yr's ago. Are they worth anything to you or what would they be worth on the open market. Just looking for a little knowledge if possible. Thanks---Bill

Albort Cena said...

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sirking said...

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