Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vacation Week

7 days at the beach and I took full advantage of the amount of time I had to train. Here is what my week looked like...

Long Cycle C&J -
24's x 30 reps (5:30)
24's x 31 reps (6:30)
3 mile run (30:09)

Long Cycle C&J -
24's x 20
24's x 10 sets of 10
Swings -
24's x 10 sets of 10

Pull ups -
5 sets of 5
Rows -
3 sets to failure (alternated with)
Push ups -
3 sets to failure
100 bodyweight squats
Nautilus chest combo
Nautilus pull over
All exercises were done with limited rest in between sets. This was more of a circuit than anything. The squats killed me and left more sore for days.

Snatch -
24 x 100 reps (switch every 25)
Long Cycle C&J -
24's x 32 reps (6min)
15 minute interval jog on beach

One Arm Long Cycle C&J -
24 x 100 reps (1 hand switch)
Approx. 15 minutes of just screwing around doing whatever exercise I felt like
Approx. 20 minutes of jogging on the beach with a 20lb baby in one arm



10 mile run (2hrs 4min) Avg HR - 178, Max HR- 190.

Physically, I think this is the most amazing thing I have ever done. This is the single greatest PR of my life and deserves its own blog post, article, news story and special appearance on Oprah. I think a parade should be held in my honor! :)

In all seriousness, today's run was just shy of life altering. My entire perspective of what is possible changed in that 2 hours. More on that tomorrow.

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